Family Road Traveled

mostly NYC adventures with kids

Target Wonderland, Chelsea
We visited Target Wonderland yesterday in Chelsea, NYC. It’s a pop up store at 15th street and 10th avenue, but it’s not like any store I’ve experienced. It’s more like Willy Wonka’s version of Target. It’s smartly designed, clean and impressive with lots of different stations for kids as... Read more
Cooper Hewitt Design Museum – Target Family Design Festival
A friend of ours told us about a free family art event at Cooper Hewitt Design Museum, sponsored by Target Stores’ Community Programs. So Monte and Brooklyn headed down Sunday to check it out. Monte described Cooper Hewitt as a crafting wonderland. The Arthur Ross Terrace and Garden was... Read more
Wave Hill, Family Art Project
Two weeks ago I discovered Wave Hill, an exquisite botanical park in the Bronx I can’t get off my mind, so I visited it again today. Admission is free on Saturdays 9-12. And it has a free art program for families on weekends called Family Art Project. I don’t... Read more