Family Road Traveled

mostly NYC adventures with kids

Atlantic City – A Family Getaway
This Fourth of July my family was struggling with plans. We all wanted to see fireworks, but the NYC fireworks are always way too crowded and the surrounding areas seem to lead to major gridlock getting home. So we decided to take a mini vacation, and spend one night... Read more
Land Of Make Believe, Hope NJ – Best Theme Park for Young Kids
We made our annual trip to Land of Make Believe and it continues to be everything we want it to be. We’ve gone with different friends each year, and each year make incredible memories we cherish :). This sweet little theme park is located in Hope, NJ, just about... Read more
Six Flags Great Adventure – Holiday in the Park – Meet Santa and Enjoy the Lights
We’ve been fans of Six Flags for years. This is our second year visiting during their annual Holiday in the Park. Many Six Flags’ across American transform their amusement parks into wonderlands over the holidays – making is a fun destination to get in the holiday spirit, meet Santa,... Read more
Imagine That! Children’s Museum, Florham Park, NJ
We’ve been frequenting Imagine That!, a large and never crowded Children’s Museum in NJ for probably 3 years now. We’re big fans and each visit seems to give us a unique experience. On this trip my 5 year old daughter and I brought my friend and her 4 year... Read more
Six Flags Fright Fest!
It’s that time of year again when Fright Fest takes over Six Flags Great Adventure – September 16 through October 31! We made our annual visit, this time with an experienced vampire spotter at the ripe age of 5! We made spotting the ghouls, goblins and vampires a game... Read more
Best Views of the World’s Busiest Bridge Plus Some History Lessons – Fort Lee Historic Park
For the best views of the world’s busiest bridge, George Washington Bridge, head over to  Fort Lee Historic Park. This 33-acre park sits atop a cliff with scenic overlooks of the Hudson Palisades, George Washington Bridge, the Hudson River and Manhattan. We originally came for the views but we... Read more
Flat Rock Brook Nature Center – a Forest and Babbling Brook Minutes from NYC
After reading Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv I’ve been on more of a nature kick than normal. Growing up I basically lived outside. Now raising a little girl in NYC it seems this would be a challenge. It’s actually not, we spend most of our days... Read more
Land of Make Believe – like a county fair with water park and amusement park!
This gem is pure bliss for little kids. The Land of Make Believe is a family owned amusement park that features both a water park and carnival rides. It’s surrounded by the Kittatinny Valley, in  Hope Township, NJ. It was specifically built for small kids, so it’s set up... Read more
Meadowlands State Fair – Biggest Carnival near NYC and AWESOME!
I’ve been visiting Meadowlands Fair for over 18 years now, it has grown and gotten better than ever. This year I brought my four year old for the first time. The fireworks finale sealed the deal and we’ll be making this an annual tradition. State Fair Meadowlands (formerly called... Read more
Field Station Dinosaurs – Be an  Archaeologist for a Day
Field Station: Dinosaurs is like the base camp from Jurassic Park. The ‘wow’ factor for the four and five year olds I brought couldn’t be any higher. They got to play paleontologist for the day, excavate fossils from a sand pit, sort through artifacts and eat ice cream 🙂... Read more
Six flags – is it worth it for little kids?
Short answer, YES, Six Flags may be one of the best places on earth to take kids. Many people think of Six Flags as a place to drop your teenagers and pick them up when it’s dark. It’s filled with long lines topping two hours sometimes for the big... Read more
Six Flags Safari – Off Road Adventure
Fortunately you don’t have to get vaccinated and travel to Africa for your family to experience an animal safari. A 90 minute drive from NYC, Jackson, NJ has a 350 acre preserve located in adjoining grounds to Six Flags Great Adventure amusement park. This is even accessible via public... Read more
Roller Rink, Florham Park
Yesterday afternoon I took a step back in time, visiting Florham Park Roller Rink, NJ. This roller rink is as nostalgic as it gets with 80’s colors, a disco ball and staff to match the decade. The few signs you’re in current times are roller blades and current pop... Read more
Van Saun Park, Bergen Zoo
Brooklyn and I typically head to NJ to run errands after her gymnastics class on Tuesdays. But yesterday our errand run turned into much more. We decided to visit Van Saun County Park. Van Saun is a sweet little park in Bergen, NJ, just 20  minutes from NYC. We’ve... Read more
Bouncy House, Preschool Play date
Okay we’re definitely going stir crazy in our house from all the rain. Brooklyn is probably the most active 4 year old I’ve ever met. She’s climbs the walls in our apartment…really. It’s best for all of us to get out as much as we can. Yesterday we visited... Read more