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White Post Farms a Fantastic Fall Festival with Petting Zoo! White Post Farms a Fantastic Fall Festival with Petting Zoo!
I love the fall. Halloween is one of my favorite events each year. I love everything about it from the fall festivals, apple and... White Post Farms a Fantastic Fall Festival with Petting Zoo!

I love the fall. Halloween is one of my favorite events each year. I love everything about it from the fall festivals, apple and pumpkin picking, costumes and the multitude of opportunities to do all these things with family and friends. I recently made my first visit to White Post Farms (in Long Island) with a good friend of mine and our 5 year old daughters.  I found White Post Farms through their site online, and was very intrigued by petting zoo part of the fall festival. Well, after making the 45 minute drive I have to say I’ve found yet another destination I will visit annually.


We arrived at for the annual Fall Festival on a holiday, late morning. It was very crowded, as expected filled with kids making hard decisions like ‘should I do the hay ride or bouncy house first?’ We started at the rambling series of playgrounds –  it was kind of amazing to see all the variations of play areas. My favorite was the lane of miniature houses. My daughter liked the bouncy houses and slides best. Whatever your child is into, they most likely have it.


Petting Zoo & Pony Rides:

After the playground we bought  buckets for the kids which included cones filled with animal food, a bottle of milk for feeding baby animals, a token for a train ride and a token for a pony ride. We hit the petting zoo first, which was absolutely adorable and my favorite part of the day. I loved feeding the goats with bottles of milk. They have a lot of exotic animals too like a zebra, camels a giraffe and playful monkeys. They also have a pretty incredible bird atrium which you’re allowed to enter. We purchased nectar for the birds which was served in little cups. You could bring it right up to birds and they would feed from it.  My daughter had the thrill of her life when a bird landed on her head. My most memorable moment of the day was when I felt a splash on top of my head…you guessed it, bird crap! The girls found this particularly hilarious. From here we got in a short line to ride the ponies. These little guys were adorable and the workers were kind to both the kids and ponies. You can walk next to your child or stand to the side and just watch, which is what we did. Both girls loved the pony rides.


Train ride & Hayride

After feeding the birds we used our tokens to ride the miniature locomotive (which adults can ride too). This adorable train rides along a winding track surrounded by festive plants and flowers. My friend and I stood from the sidelines and watched as our 5 year olds enjoyed their 10 minutes of independence from us – the girls loved this. During the Annual Fall Festival the farm decorates the property with lots of festive decorations, but nothing scary so it’s very family friendly. We wrapped up our day on the free hayride. A tractor pulling a large wagon brought us through a corn field with a few props to set the Halloween tone. There was also a stop where you can get out and pick small pumpkins, we chose to do this. As you get back to the beginning of the ride you’re dropped off at an area where there are much larger pumpkins to choose from. The pumpkins aren’t cheap but they had a great selection and range.

The Fall festival also offer face painting for an additional fee and several free shows throughout the day. This fun filled day will become a tradition for my family!





  • Cash only and prices seem to fluctuate so check site the day of your visit.
  • There are many times you’ll want to do something for an additional fee (to feed animals, birds, ride pony and train) so bring extra cash.
  • Very stroller friendly
  • The sandbox area had lots of bouncers which were a lot of fun but require shoes off, some kids left socks on, some took them off – you may want to bring a back up pair of socks.
  • There are bathrooms and food options on site. You can also bring your own food.
  • This experience is more about the petting zoo and family activities, there  really wasn’t much ‘farm’ to see.
  • Parking is free.
  • Bring your camera!


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