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Six Flags Fright Fest! Six Flags Fright Fest!
It’s that time of year again when Fright Fest takes over Six Flags Great Adventure – September 16 through October 31! We made our... Six Flags Fright Fest!

It’s that time of year again when Fright Fest takes over Six Flags Great Adventure – September 16 through October 31! We made our annual visit, this time with an experienced vampire spotter at the ripe age of 5! We made spotting the ghouls, goblins and vampires a game so she wouldn’t get spooked. It worked for two of the three kids in our party. Fortunately there were areas with less creepiness for those seeking a more classic six flags experience to hang.

During the day the park is more of a classic experience with a cute ‘trick or treating’ section dedicated to little kids. This section closes down at 4:30 when the vampires start to pop out. So you can still enjoy a whole day without being stared down by a ghoul…however there will still be tons of Halloween decorations everywhere you turn. Once it gets dark, if ghouls and goblins aren’t your thing, this really isn’t the right place to spend your time. It’s really decked out with set dressings making it look like the a land of zombies and skeletons. Our family loves Halloween so we really look forward to this visit each year. And now as our daughter gets older it’s getting even more fun!

The park was packed from the time we arrived, around 3:00 until we left, around 8pm. It was even more crowded when we left. This is a haven for teens, so there are a lot of packs of kids shrieking and generally just having a good time. I didn’t witness any riffraff. We enjoyed fewer rides than normal, partially due to crowds, partially due to enjoying the shows and additional entertainment they offered. We got our fill of sugar and spinning though – making it yet again another awesome Six Flags experience!

Tips for parents:

  • We bring a stroller and park it outside each ride and leave our backpack (non valuables) in it. We’ve never had anything tampered with, lots of other parents are doing it. This was particularly helpful keeping the kids comfortable while vampires popped out of bushes.
  • I wear a fanny pack or something snug for wallet & cell phone so they stay on me at all times.
  • Your season pass from 2016 overs this as well as their Holiday in the Park, if you don’t have one you can buy 2017 now and it covers both events as well.
  • Food and drinks aren’t allowed in, but you can bring in a few small snacks and a sippy cup or bottle for you kids. (They inspect bags)
  • You can leave and reenter the park, so you can go back to your car if needed.

Here’s a short video of our adventure, watch the end for the zombies!

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