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SplashDown Beach – My favorite Little Water Park SplashDown Beach – My favorite Little Water Park
Safe to say, you’ll love this place! They call themselves America’s Biggest Little Water Park. After experiencing it, feels like the perfect sized water... SplashDown Beach – My favorite Little Water Park

Safe to say, you’ll love this place! They call themselves America’s Biggest Little Water Park. After experiencing it, feels like the perfect sized water park for families. I’ve visited dozens of water parks and I’m awarding this one the cleanest of all. It’s spotless with perfectly designed colorful rides. No chipped paint or repairs needed here, it’s like a five star water resort without towel service 🙂

Splashdown Beach offers a wide range of water rides and activities. I did this adventure with my boyfriend, our 4 year old daughter and her 5 year old friend. After setting up home base in a cabana (which was nice but not necessary since my boyfriend & I ran around the whole time) we hit Monster Wave Pool. The kids jumped waves and eventually put on free, provided life jackets and enjoyed floating up and down with the waves in the deeper section. I’m always slightly nervous with my little one in wave pools, but SplashDown is staffed with many friendly lifeguards who seem to take their job seriously.

The park is laid out in several different sections, each one with seating and convenient bathrooms. The design is nice and allows for a crowded park to still have intimacy – there was no over stimulation from loud music and spinning objects. There was a ton of excitement though and watching my daughter and her sweet buddy scream how awesome of a day they were having made me one happy mom. After the wave pool we headed over to Splash Works. This section is for little kiddos but still has a lot to offer including slides, geysers and dumping buckets. Next to this is Water Whirler. This was a blast for the kids and my boyfriend, they loved spinning in a bucket with water guns, shooting anything in sight, including me at the sidelines. We also spent a lot of time splashing around Shipwreck Lagoon. This area has a ship, lot of slides and spraying water features. This was a nice chance for my boyfriend and I to sit and watch them play in this area.

The next stop was Cowabunga Falls, a series of 3 body slides over 300 feet long with tunnels, turns and twists. I sat at the bottom and gave the kids freedom to go to the top on their own, pick which slide they wanted and meet me at the end in the landing pool. Their faces were so animated and full of expression as they described each run they made. Even though they can swim I had life jackets on them which fortunately they didn’t argue about. There is also a lifeguard on the ready for each person who comes down a slide if any help is needed. The kids rode these slides about a dozen times. Next to this area is the new Arctic Mammoth. It’s a family ride, we all LOVED. It’s about six stories tall and 600 feet long and we all rode in a raft together, having an absolute blast with lots of  twists and turns and drops. Next to the Arctic Mammoth is the Arctic Plunge Racer, a series of steep slides with curves that create maximum acceleration. We all raced each other  multiple times on this ride, the adults seemed to have the advantage with our additional weight.

The scariest ride, which my heart skipped a beat on but I still went back for more is the Humunga Half-Pipe. You can ride this solo or in a double tube. It happens to be New York’s only Zero Gravity Half-Pipe and it’s awesome! My little 4 year old is so brave I can’t believe she rode this…twice! For an adrenaline break, we did a lap in the Croc Creek Wavy Lazy River which was fun and still had some thrills with random bucket dumps and geysers. We ended our day in a section with three slides, the Bullet Bowl, Pirate’s Plunge and Pirate’s Revenge. These are all tube rides and you can go solo or doubled up. They all have tunnels, lots of twists, turns, drops and one has a giant bowl which you spin around in before dropping back down into a slide and landing in a pool.

We had a really great day together at SplashDown Beach. An aspect we really enjoyed was that at 4 and 5 years old, the kids were tall enough to do everything at the park, yet they were still young enough to play and enjoy themselves in the little kid’s sections.  It’s hard to know what their favorite part was because they go back and forth and keep ending up saying everything. SplashDown Beach Water Park, is owned and operated by the Turk Family, who also runs the remarkable Rocking Horse Ranch Resort. We stayed there over the winter, to read about our stay click here.


Here’s a video of our day:



  • Bring towels sunscreen, sunglasses and hats.
  • Coolers food and drinks are not allowed in but bottled water is. Bring your own water it’s expensive.
  • You can pack a cooler and leave it in the car for a picnic break or dine at one of the many options on site. The food was good but a little pricey.
  • If you’re considering which water park to get a season pass for, this would be my #1 recommendation.
  • There are activities for kids ages 2-14.
  • Very stroller friendly.
  • We made our visit on a Monday and the park was not crowed, any lines we waited in were very short. I hear it gets packed so if you’re looking for a less crowded day, try a day early in the week.
  • Generally height requirements are between 36″ – 42″, check site for exact heights for each ride.
  • Free life jackets are provided.

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