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Fairy Villages & Camping with Kids Fairy Villages & Camping with Kids
It’s that time of year again! We just made our first camping trip of the season and wow was it cold! We camped with... Fairy Villages & Camping with Kids

It’s that time of year again! We just made our first camping trip of the season and wow was it cold! We camped with some friends of ours who we’ve done lots of play dates with over the last couple of years but never much more than that. Well, after camping with them, we’re pretty much bonded for life and I can’t wait for our next adventure with this fun family. Clarence Fahnestock is our favorite campground, which also happens to be the closest to our apartment and dog friendly. This campground has a sweet little pond with 50+ campsites. Across the street is a beach where you can even rent paddle boats in the summer.

We began our experience by pitching a tent and starting a fire. Our daughter is a bit of a pro at putting up the tent, but competing with the strong winds made it a much bigger challenge. She was up for it though, and the tents got up! The fire got started too.

The spots we normally reserve were already booked so we tried a new one and were just as happy. In retrospect it didn’t matter which site you selected that night, there was no avoiding the whipping winds that ensured a cold night ahead of us.

My family has camped quiet a few times, but I’d by no means call us experts. I’ve only ever camped on overnight trips, and am always home in my warm clean shower by the next evening. This also makes it easy because I can prepare foods in my kitchen at home to cook at the campsite. We brought pre-made mac and cheese which we heated on the campfire in foil for the kids. And jiffy pop popcorn, which resulted in a bunch of black popcorn. For the adults we had steaks and hotdogs. Of course we all indulged in smoores after dinner.

We took a nice walk around the pond, keeping a look out for beavers which we’ve seen in the past. We didn’t have much luck finding any this time but we did check off most of the items on a little kids’ scavenger hunt I printed out before our trip. It was awesome taking in the fresh air, seeing the girls teeter on logs and watching the guys burn anything they could get in the fire.

To our delight we discovered a fairy village during a hike in the woods. This village had been ruined a bit by the elements but were happy to repair and add onto it. I’m not sure if the girls had more fun with the fairy village or the adults.


  • The most important thing is to keep your kids safe. Be sure they know not to talk to strangers and to stay within an area you define with them so they know their boundaries.
  • We use an air mattress and sleeping bags and sleep all together.
  • We print out scavenger hunts I find on pinterest of things to hunt for in the woods.
  • We tend to bring a couple games from home but rarely play with them.
  • We often take a moment during our hikes to describe what we see, feel, smell and hear.
  • I always bring something I’m sure my picky 4 year old will eat. A hungry camper is an unhappy camper.
  • Always bring a first aid kit w/ bug spray, sting relief, bandaids and sunscreen.
  • This last trip was our first time making fairy villages, I’m pretty sure we’re going to be doing that every time now πŸ™‚


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EstΓ©e Pouleris is a mommy blogger based in NYC. She writes reviews about adventures with her 6 year old daughter. Her posts include photos, tips and ideas of fun places to visit with kids.

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