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Central Park Central Park
Today I realized summer is almost over. And it’s my last full week with my daughter before her morning pre-school and organized activities start... Central Park

Today I realized summer is almost over. And it’s my last full week with my daughter before her morning pre-school and organized activities start up. We tackled today like we had a bucket list and we conquered Central Park. After living in NYC 18 years I can finally say I’ve done it all…or at least some.

We began our adventure entering Central Park from 72nd street and headed to the famous Bethesda Terrace. It’s classic beauty has been captured in countless movies and it feels just as impressionable every time I see it.  It was already really hot by the time we got there so we kicked back and watched street performers under the terrace and cooled off with ice cream.

Ice Cream at Bethesda Terrace, Central Park

Ice Cream at Bethesda Terrace, Central Park

From there we walked over to the Loeb Boathouse and rented a row boat, $15 an hour. (plus $20 deposit we got back, cash only). We paddled the boat around the lake and took in views of the city. And bumped boats with a few tourists who all asked where we’re from. We lasted only about 30 minutes, I was convinced Brooklyn was going to tip the boat. And although she had on a life jacket I really didn’t want my phone to take the plunge.

Central Park, Loeb boat house

Central Park, Loeb boat house

Next we headed to Kerbs Boathouse, the model boat pond. We rented a remote control model boat for $11. It isn’t motorized so you really are sailing it through the pond, between other boats and around unfazed ducks. We enjoyed it, but Brooklyn was finished after about 20 minutes, as she is most things.

Central Park, model boat pond

Central Park, model boat pond

Heading south our next stop was the Children’s Zoo. We’re members of Wildlife Conservation Society which includes all NYC zoos, so this was free. We saw a dozen animals, fed some goats then kept moving towards 59th street.

Just outside the zoo exit we were propositioned by a caricature artist and took him up on his offer and sat for a drawing of the two of us. We spent 10 minutes and $20 on a hilarious illustration I’ve already framed and hung on her wall.

Central Park, caricature sitting

Central Park, caricature sitting

Our last stop, which was the highlight of the day was a horse drawn carriage ride. For $50 we road for 20 minutes and had a guided tour with some historical and celebrity trivia. Brooklyn thought she was a princess and the tacky purple velvet seats couldn’t have made her experience more perfect. She was absolutely mesmerized. And it made my day.

On our way to the subway at Columbus Circle we hit the fountains for a quick splash, then onto the train for the short trip home. We probably won’t do all of these things again, or at least all in one day. But it was a day to remember for sure. And we have a caricature to remind us of it.

Here’s a link to a map of the park if you want to go on this adventure too:

click first photo to view all as slideshow:

Not fit for print:

When the carriage driver asked our names, Brooklyn introduced herself as Princess Brooklyn. I’m pretty sure she believes she is.

A little girl approached us and asked if she could use our remote control boat, Brooklyn told her she should save her money so she could rent her own. Then offered it to her.

At the children’s zoo she climbed up a rope spiderweb and announced to everyone there she’s the fastest…all the other kids were babies. I’m not sure what to make of her competitive spirit.

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