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Seaglass Carousel, Staten Island Ferry Seaglass Carousel, Staten Island Ferry
I’ve lived in NYC for 18 years and hate crowds and traffic. Sounds like a terrible fit but somehow I’m still enamored with the... Seaglass Carousel, Staten Island Ferry

I’ve lived in NYC for 18 years and hate crowds and traffic. Sounds like a terrible fit but somehow I’m still enamored with the city. Even the classics. Today my daughter and I packed our backpacks for the day and took the subway to the end of Manhattan to explore with one of my best friends and her two little boys. Being a weekday just before a long holiday weekend, it was surprisingly quiet and the tourist destinations were practically empty.

Seaglass Carousel
We went to Battery Park and after paying $5 each had the privilege of experiencing the new carousel, Seaglass. There should be a new word invented for this because carousel doesn’t really describe it. It’s an art installation you can ride. With beautiful, cirque du soleil type music echoing as you float in circles, Seaglass is a surprisingly delightful experience. (If we had to wait in a long line and our kids weren’t behaving we’d probably have a much different review, but the stars were aligned for us this morning and it was great). Kids have to be 42″ to ride alone. And under 42″ only one kid can ride per adult.

Seaglass, Battery Park

Seaglass, Battery Park

Battery Park
From there we walked toward the Statue of Liberty and stumbled upon a water playground just outside of Castle Clinton which the kids adored. A dozen or so streams of water alternated as they sprayed geysers from the concrete ground. At this point it was getting hot so the kids, 3yrs & 4yrs really enjoyed running through the fountains and chasing each other. (be sure to bring water shoes because it was slippery).  After about an hour we dried off, changed clothes and walked North to the park outside of the Museum of Jewish Heritage where the kids ran though gardens and played in the grass, watching boats pass through the Hudson River.

Battery Park water park

Battery Park water park

Staten Island Ferry
Our last stop was the Staten Island Ferry. This free cruise was probably the highlight. The kids loved holding onto the railing off the back of the boat watching NYC shrink as we cruised towards Staten Island. While waiting in the SI terminal to return to NYC the kids watched fish in two giant aquariums for about 5 minutes until they discovered a kiosk which no longer worked. The next 20 minutes they pretended it was an photo booth and they entertained us until the ferry back to NYC boarded.

Staten Island Ferry

Staten Island Ferry

It was a long day. Lots of waiting. We ate too many pre-packaged snacks and were filthy. But it was a great day. And I’d do it exactly the same in a heartbeat.

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Not fit for print:

Apparently Brooklyn swears and demonstrated it loudly by shouting ‘you fuc..ers’. Twice.

The kids rolled around the floor of the Staten Island Ferry. Beyond gross.

While writing this post Brooklyn has taken out every single toy we own and my entire apartment is destroyed…I’m questioning this whole blog thing at this point.

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