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Constitution Marsh Sanctuary, Indian Brook Falls Constitution Marsh Sanctuary, Indian Brook Falls
I always perk up when someone starts by saying ‘have you ever been to…’ A friend of mine recently told me about a short... Constitution Marsh Sanctuary, Indian Brook Falls

I always perk up when someone starts by saying ‘have you ever been to…’ A friend of mine recently told me about a short hike with both a marsh and waterfall and I’ve been waiting for the right time to go. Today was the day.

Constitution Marsh Sanctuary and Indian Brook Falls are located in Garrison, NY, about an hour drive from upper Manhattan. It’s a gem. But here’s the catch, there’s a tiny parking lot with only 8 spots and they tow illegally parked cars. Today was both forecasting rain and a weekday so I figured it would be empty, and it was.

Constitution Marsh

We arrived at the small dirt lot at the bend of the road, and set out for our hike. We decided to head to the marsh first, which was clearly marked. We walked down a dirt road for about 5 minutes then came upon two houses where the sanctuary operates from. We found the trail head just behind them. The trail was well marked and Brooklyn made it her job to lead the way and look for the markers. And she was a great leader until she got covered in spiderwebs. We hiked about 15 minutes up hills, on steps made of rocks and down mossy paths until arriving at the destination, a mystical wooden boardwalk winding through the marsh. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen, I was blown away at the stunning views and peacefulness of this sanctuary. And we were the only people there. We saw mountains, lots of birds, tadpoles, cattails and reeds. We had a mini picnic on a dock off the boardwalk, wandered the paths then headed back towards our car and planned our hike to the waterfall.

Constitution Marsh Sanctuary

Constitution Marsh Sanctuary

Indian Brook Falls

The hiking path to the waterfall was the opposite direction from the parking lot and a much closer walk. But unmarked, so I’ll give good detail here. We wandered down the road just a couple minutes until we found a metal gate which we walked around then continued on the path. We crossed an old stone bridge then turned left (the main path steers right so don’t miss this turn) and hiked down to the stream which we followed for about 5 minutes then BAM. There it was. A true waterfall just an hour away from our apartment. Brooklyn thought this was the coolest thing ever. I definitely scored fun mom points with her today. We splashed around, found a couple rocks and sticks she claimed as her treasures and just enjoyed being in nature. Again we were the only people there.

Indian Brook Falls

Indian Brook Falls

It was a pretty remarkable day. I really want to go back and bring friends next time, I’m just plotting a rainy day when I think we’ll be lucky enough to get a parking spot…and no rain.

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Never underestimate the currency of skittles to a four year old.

I have a pile of rocks and sticks in the back of my new car, my daughter says mean a lot to her.

No not all spider’s are named Charlotte.

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