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The Beast – speedboat through the Hudson River and to the Statue of Liberty
I’ve lived in NYC for 20 years and one of my favorite things to do with visitors is take them on The Beast. This speedboat races through the NYC harbor at 45 miles per hour while pointing out NYC landmarks. It feels more like an amusement ride than a... Read more
10 NYC Carousels – and a little history behind each
My family loves thrilling roller coasters with steep drops, upside down turns and neon lights flashing, but we also love the beautiful simplicity of riding a carousel. NYC has no shortage of these, each one unique with it’s own personality, just like the neighborhoods in this kid friendly city.... Read more
Central Park Zoo & Tisch Children’s Zoo
One of my favorite spots in NYC, even before I became a mom is Central Park Zoo. I love watching the snow monkeys climb around on their rock island then looking up to enjoy the gorgeous NYC skyline. Around the corner are grizzly bears, snow leopards and penguins. This... Read more
High Bridge Pedestrian Bridge – Best Scooter Riding Bridge in NYC
The oldest bridge in NYC is not the classic Brooklyn Bridge but a hidden relic uptown, High Bridge and it’s perfect for scooter riding. This is a pedestrian bridge which crosses the Harlem river, connecting Manhattan to the Bronx. The original version of this bridge was constructed in 1848... Read more
Empire State Building – Kids Under 6 Are Free
Even though I’ve been living in NYC for  20 years the skyline never gets old and there’s no better place to see it than the top of the Empire State Building. When my daughter’s best friend requested to go to the top of the Empire State Building for his... Read more
Queens County Farm Children’s Carnival – Petting Zoo – Pony Rides
Simply Charming. This annual event held at Queens County Farm Museum has all the classic carnival fun you would expect. This past weekend was the opening weekend and next weekend, April 16-17th 2016 is the closing weekend, so there’s still time to go! We made the trip out to... Read more
Build-A-Bear – Is It Worth It?
Crap. I took my daughter to  Build-A-Bear Workshop and now I’m addicted. The whole thing kind of happened on accident. A routine cold afternoon running errands in a mall turned into an impulsive decision to step inside the ridiculously cute storefront. And here’s what happened next: As you walk... Read more
Brooklyn Children’s Museum – An Educational Treasure
I finally made the trip to Brooklyn Children’s Museum this past weekend and am already planning a return trip. This unique indoor play space brings to life an enjoyable balance of educational yet playful experiences. I didn’t expect such a huge range of subject matter. I also didn’t expect... Read more
Best Playgrounds in NYC – Our Favorites
Something is happening to NYC’s playgrounds, and it’s awesome. New York City has more than 1,700 parks, playgrounds, and recreation facilities across the five boroughs and it’s investing a TON of money into them.  The Parks and Recreation Department’s budget for 2016 is in excess of $440 million! I... Read more
Wave Hill – Best Gardens in NYC
It’s been several months since I last visited my favorite spot in NYC, Wave Hill. This slice of bliss is located in the Riverdale section of the Bronx, about 10 minutes north of Manhattan. I always drive but you can take public transit as well. Wave Hill is an... Read more
Matilda on Broadway with Kids
As my little girl is getting older, now 4.5, I’m starting to introduce her to things that require a longer attention span. Yesterday afternoon we headed to Times Square to try to buy matinee tickets for Matilda the Musical from the box office. When we arrived, around 1:45 there... Read more
Kids Food Fest NYC, Bryant Park
Cooking with kids can be creative and educational but for me it’s normally just terrifying. My strong willed four year old is happy to jump in the kitchen with me, but specifically to handle sharp objects and to make a mess. There’s absolutely no way she’s putting anything she... Read more
Best bouncy houses near NYC roundup

Bouncy houses, where your kids can go crazy so you don’t. Here’s a roundup of the best bouncy houses near NYC. We’ve been visiting these indoor romper rooms since our daughter, Brooklyn, was about a year old. These giant inflatables are a lot of fun and an awesome way to burn off energy while practicing motor skills and gaining confidence for little ones.

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Tattly Parlor – temporary tattoo parlor
Tattly is known for their ever growing collection of awesomely designed temporary tattoos. Well, they’ve upped their temporary tattoo game and opened up a pop up store, Tattly Parlor. Everything about this limited engagement location brings the experience of a traditional parlor to life for the non permanent tattoo... Read more
Rainbow Bagel – the new bagel in town
Move over The Bagel Store, there’s a new rainbow bagel in town and they’re not sold out…yet. All American Bagel and Barista has arrived on the rainbow bagel scene and is taking it to a whole new level. A fruity pebble level! This restaurant is located in an unassuming... Read more
Play Fair NYC- Toy Fair’s first consumer’s expo
Today we went to NYC’s first ever Play Fair. It was a huge expo at the Javitz Center, produced by the makers behind the epic annual toy industry trade show Toy Fair. There’s been a lot of buzz about this new event, it was even sold out. We were... Read more
Theatre Alternative, Ellen’s Stardust Diner
I love exposing my 4 year old to the rich culture NYC offers, but sometimes making that happen during her ‘happy hours’ gets complicated, especially when it comes to Broadway shows. After getting frustrated by having NYC at my fingertips but no place to see a musical during a... Read more
CoolMess, Ice Cream You Make Yourself
Monte, Brooklyn (4) our neighbor Oscar (3) and I just visited a brand new spot which is sure to be a hit, CoolMess. It’s the upstairs space above Burger Heaven on 62nd and Lexington. They’ve transformed the floor to a full blown make-it-yourself ice cream cafe. The entrance is... Read more
Perfect ice skating rink for kids – Standard Hotel
Yesterday evening my boyfriend brought Brooklyn, our four year old daughter, and me to a tiny little ice skating rink at the Standard Hotel in the meatpacking district in NYC. Our daughter and I finally got to try out our new Christmas skates and we all enjoyed a sweet... Read more
NY Aquarium, Coney Island
I’m a huge fan of the Wildlife Conservation Society. They  save wildlife and protect environments worldwide through science, conservation, education and by inspiring people to value nature. They’re also the organization that manages NY Aquarium as well as the Bronx Zoo, Central Park Zoo, Prospect Park Zoo and Queens... Read more
Black Tap Milkshakes, Meatpacking
Unforgettable! It’s unlike me to have an experience in a restaurant so positive with my 4 year old that I’ll write about it. Black Tap is the first. I actually made this visit as a party of six: three adults, a 9 month old, a 3 year old and... Read more
Nova, Gingerbread Blvd and LEGO
Yesterday we bundled up in our heavy winter coats and did a little family exploring in the Flatiron area of NYC. We started at the kaleidoscope-like free public art installation, Nova, by SOFTlab. It’s located across the street from the famous flatiron building, on the corner of 23rd Street... Read more
Target Wonderland, Chelsea
We visited Target Wonderland yesterday in Chelsea, NYC. It’s a pop up store at 15th street and 10th avenue, but it’s not like any store I’ve experienced. It’s more like Willy Wonka’s version of Target. It’s smartly designed, clean and impressive with lots of different stations for kids as... Read more
Best Christmas Lights in NYC
One of my favorite holiday traditions since having a family is driving around looking at Christmas lights. We’ve done this the last three years and have seen some outrageous, wacky and flat out bizarre displays. Dyker Heights – Brooklyn Last night we visited Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, and this is... Read more
Bronx Zoo in the Winter

Bronx Zoo in the Winter Hot

NYC with kids December 2, 2015 0

The Bronx Zoo is truly remarkable, it’s one of the largest metropolitan zoos in the world. And it’s huge, more than 265 acres. The winding sidewalks, naturalistic habitats and Bronx River served as my daughter’s backdrop as she ran wild without hearing me yell ‘watch out’ or ‘slow down.’ She roamed and ran and explored at her own free will – it was great seeing her take such delight in the wide open space.

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Ice Skating in Bryant Park (Winter Village), Grand Central
My four year old is such an early riser we managed to pack in Ice Skating, holiday shopping, a walk through Grand Central and a ride on a carousel all by 1:00 on Saturday. It was a fun morning. I’m glad we got the exercise in early because it... Read more
GingerBread Lane, New York Hall of Science
We visited one of our favorite children’s museums yesterday, New York Hall of Science. And as an added bonus their annual GingerBread Lane exhibit is already up. While my 4 year old’s holiday spirit is already in full bloom, seeing these charming edible houses helped get me there a... Read more
The High Line, The Lowline Lab
Yesterday we explored two different free parks in NYC. The High Line and the new temporary indoor park/garden, The Lowline Lab. High Line Park The High Line is an old above ground railway which was converted into an 1.5 mile outdoor urban park. It runs from Gansevoort Street in... Read more
Butterfly Conservatory, Museum of Natural History
We finally made it here! Yesterday we visited the Butterfly Conservatory at Museum of Natural History, it was like being in a fairy tale. This is the 18th annual seasonal butterfly exhibit at the museum that runs Sept – May 2016. We used some of our free passes included... Read more
Canstruction, Battery Park City and Pier 25
Yesterday we spent the day exploring an art exhibit, feeding ducks, spinning around in a playground, strolling through a sculpture park and climbing a jungle gym as tall as a skyscraper all within a one mile radius in the Battery Park City neighborhood of NYC. It happened to be... Read more
Hunter Island, Bronx – Pelham Bay Park
Yesterday afternoon we crossed the bridge into the Bronx to run an errand and decided to find an adventure while over there. I did a little hunting online and picked a hike out near Orchard Beach, a beach I’ve vowed to never visit again after a piece of fried... Read more
Cooper Hewitt Design Museum – Target Family Design Festival
A friend of ours told us about a free family art event at Cooper Hewitt Design Museum, sponsored by Target Stores’ Community Programs. So Monte and Brooklyn headed down Sunday to check it out. Monte described Cooper Hewitt as a crafting wonderland. The Arthur Ross Terrace and Garden was... Read more
Fuerza Bruta Wayra
Saturday was our last night with our friends visiting from Georgia. We had a great few days with them, showed them lots of NYC highlights, but saved the best for last. We ventured down to Union Square to score tickets for Fuerza Bruta Wayra. Always the deal hunter, I... Read more
American Museum of Natural History, Central Park
One of my favorite things about having guests visit from out of town is seeing NYC through their eyes.  The past few days I’ve had friends staying with us from down south. I often hear ‘How do you raise kids in NYC?’  I’ve happily been raising my daughter who... Read more
Gazillion Bubble Show
I took Brooklyn to see her first off Broadway show today. We were torn between Bernstein Bears Live and Gazillion Bubble Show. Based on reviews we picked the bubble show and were extremely happy with our choice. I did some hunting online for discounted tickets, and found several, but... Read more
Maker Faire – interactive science fair
Yesterday we experienced the annual Maker Faire hosted by the New York Hall of Science in Corona Park. It was a science FRENZY! We first heard about the fair through our visit to the Hall of Science Museum earlier in the week. But I wasn’t sure if Brooklyn would... Read more
Yankees Game

Yankees Game

NYC with kids September 27, 2015 0

This Saturday we were invited to join some of our best friends at the Yankees game. We’re not a big baseball family and our four year old is so hyper it’s hard to imagine her doing anything in a seat for a couple hours, but I was surprisingly excited... Read more
New York Hall of Science, Queens Zoo, Fantasy Forest
It’s officially fall, NYC’s finest season. After morning pre-k yesterday we decided to venture out for our last car outing for a couple days. The Pope comes to town today, and traffic is going to be madness. We picked Queens, New York Hall of Science. You can get there... Read more


NYC with kids September 7, 2015 0

I’m Estée Pouleris, a NYC stay-at-home mom who never stays home. My seven year old little girl, Brooklyn, is my inspiration to actively live life. I truly believe experiences shape how our children navigate their lives as they grow. Going on excursions allows families to connect in ways not... Read more
Rockefeller State Park Preserve, Bronx Equestrian Center
It’s day five flying solo with my wild 4 year old daughter, Brooklyn while her dad is away on business. She woke me this morning with her mouth touching my eye asking where we were going today. I was so tired and stiff because I shared my bed with... Read more