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mostly NYC adventures with kids

Rocktopia on Broadway- A Fascinating Fusion of Classical, Opera and Rock
My boyfriend and I took our 6 year old daughter to Broadway’s limited run show Rocktopia last night. Wow, it totally blew us away! This musical revolution fuses Tchaikovsky, U2, Copland, Journey, Mozart, Foreigner, Pink Floyd, Beethoven and more into a heart pumping, inspiring and magical masterpiece. This revolutionary... Read more
Matilda on Broadway with Kids
As my little girl is getting older, now 4.5, I’m starting to introduce her to things that require a longer attention span. Yesterday afternoon we headed to Times Square to try to buy matinee tickets for Matilda the Musical from the box office. When we arrived, around 1:45 there... Read more
Theatre Alternative, Ellen’s Stardust Diner
I love exposing my 4 year old to the rich culture NYC offers, but sometimes making that happen during her ‘happy hours’ gets complicated, especially when it comes to Broadway shows. After getting frustrated by having NYC at my fingertips but no place to see a musical during a... Read more